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OTEX Removalists is not like the average removal service. We care about you and your belongings and always strive to provide you the solutions which will work for you. Naturally enough, relocation needs vary from person to person. That’s why we offer our customers personalized removal plans, on top of the standard plans. This gives the freedom to the customer to select a removal plan that works best for him. For instance, if you are moving far away from your current home, you can hire our interstate Removalists Brisbane professionals. As our Removalists Brisbane professionals cover the whole of Australia, we can help you relocate to any part of the country. Besides interstate removal, we offer services like home removal, officer removal, etc. All our Removalists Brisbane professionals are highly trained and committed and some have years of experience under their belt. OTEX Removalists uses state-of-the-art removal vans and trucks and has all specialized equipment that our experts might need while doing their work. Our Removalists Brisbane professionals are adept at handling all kinds of household and office items, including servers, laptops, etc.  Give our Removalists Brisbane team a chance to serve you and we promise you will not be disappointed.

Committed Removals Brisbane Professionals to Handle Your Relocation

There are several advantages of hiring experienced, committed removals Brisbane professionals, like the ones working for OTEX Removalists. For one, you have the assurance that good care will be taken of your valuables. This kind of assurance is equally important in case of house and office removal. You wouldn’t want your furniture, electronic items, or piano to be damaged while you are moving houses. Similarly, business owners wouldn’t want their servers or important office equipment to be mishandled. Our removals Brisbane professionals have successfully handled thousands of house removal jobs and a few hundred office removal jobs. So they know how to take care of house and office items. Two, a committed team is available on all days and the same is the case with Removalists Brisbane professionals working with OTEX Removalists. Our team is available throughout the year, so you can schedule your relocation even in holidays and weekends. Three, a committed team like our Removalists Brisbane team provides services across Australia. Whether you are moving to a big city or small town, we will carry your stuff there.

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One Place, Many Removal Services by Otex Removalists Brisbane

OTEX Removalists offer a full range of removal services to its customers. We are a team of experienced and highly-motivated Removalists Brisbane professionals who can handle different removal jobs with utmost ease.

  • House Removalists Brisbane – If you are looking for a Removalists Brisbane team to help you move your stuff to a new location quickly and efficiently, look no further than OTEX Removalists.
  • Office Removalists Brisbane – It’s no secret that relocating your office is a hard task. However, we can make things easier for you. We are adept in office relocation and take stress and anxiety out of it.
  • Furniture Removalists Brisbane – Only specialized furniture removalists can take great care of your expensive furniture while relocating it. We have some of the best furniture removalists in our Removalists Brisbane For hassle-free furniture removal, contact us.
  • Interstate Removalists Brisbane – Are you moving to a new city, far away from your current location, and are worried about how you are going to relocate your stuff? Well, say goodbye to all your worries, because our Removalists Brisbane team is there to help you.
  • Piano Movers Brisbane – As you might know, the piano is a delicate item. At the same time, it can also be a heavy item. Relocating it can require a lot of expertise, specialized equipment and even manpower, especially if stairs are involved. We have years of Piano removal experience, so you can count on us to relocate your beloved piano to the new location safely and soundly.
  • Pool Table Movers Brisbane – Our Removalists Brisbane team can handle pool table removal better than others, so get in touch with us.
  • Man with a van Brisbane – This is a great option in several situations, like when you need to relocate nearby or when you move only a few items from one place to another.

OTEX Removalists prides itself on providing the full range of removal services to its customers. We are your one-stop shop for all removal needs.

Best Customer Service in Furniture Removalists Brisbane Industry

Distinguishing features of our top class services:

Top-class Customer Service – At Otex furniture removalists Brisbane, we understand better than others how important is for you to get timely and accurate responses to your queries. Our customer service representatives are courteous and professional. Whenever you contact us for any query, our team will give you all the information you require promptly.

Available on all days of the year – You can schedule the moving day on any day of the week, irrespective of whether it is a holiday or weekend. Our furniture Removalists Brisbane professionals are available on all days of the year.

No hidden costs – OTEX Removalists is not like those furniture Removalists Brisbane who attach hidden fees to the bills of their customers. We stay true to our initial quote always.

Willingly go the extra mile – Our furniture Removalists Brisbane will happily walk the extra distance to serve you better, whether it means re-arranging pickup schedule or making extra stops.

State-of-the-art equipment – We have a large fleet of removal vans and trucks at our disposal. We also use the most advanced special equipment.

Best team – We have the best team of furniture Removalists Brisbane professionals, who are highly experienced and committed.

A Well-Structured Moving Process by OTEX Movers Brisbane

At OTEX Movers Brisbane, we pride ourselves at following a well-structured moving process for each and every relocation job. Careful planning, in our opinion, is what helps us to ensure every relocation job goes smoothly and without hiccups.

  • Initial Enquiry – If you are planning to relocate, simply contact us and raise an inquiry. Don’t worry if you are confused about the whole thing at this stage, because that’s natural. Our movers Brisbane professionals will speak to you and allay your fears and anxieties. They might also ask you probing questions to understand your requirements better.
  • Free-of-cost quote – After we have understood your requirements, we will give you a quote, which will include the total cost to you, as well as the cost of individual services you have requested for.
  • Decide the moving date – If you decide to go ahead with us, we will request you to book a date with us. Our movers Brisbane team works on all days of the year, so you can pick a moving date as per your convenience.
  • Packing, loading, delivering, and unloading – On the scheduled day, OTEX Movers Brisbane team will reach you and start packing your stuff. The foreman will tell you our plan for the day. Once all the items have been packed, our Removalists Brisbane professionals will load your stuff. You will get an inventory receipt, containing the list of all items that have been loaded.
  • Follow-up call – The work of our Movers Brisbane doesn’t end at unloading your stuff at your new location. Shortly after delivering your stuff, our team will get in touch with you to check if everything went fine and if you require any additional assistance. Otex Brisbane local movers will also request you to complete a feedback form.

What Makes OTEX Cheap Removalsits Brisbane Special

Thousands of people have given us a positive feedback over the years, which is a testimony to our cheap & affordable Removalists Brisbane professionals’ hard work and dedication. Our exception staff is the reason why we ranked so high by our customers. Some of the things that make us special are:

  • Talented Staff – This goes without saying. Our Removalists Brisbane professionals are highly experienced, trained, and committed. They are adept in handling all kinds of removal jobs, from house removal to office removal, local to interstate removal, furniture removal to piano or pool table removal.
  • Customized Moving Plans – We offer plans that suit your needs, so that you are charged for only those services that you need.
  • Serve Every Part of Australia – We make interstate removal as easy as a walk in a park, never mind the distance between your new and current location. As far as you are moving only in Australia, we have you covered.
  • Best quality, Attractive Prices – We offer our customers great value for money. Our services are of top-quality and prices are most reasonable—a combination that’s nearly impossible to beat.

Removalists Brisbane Reviews

Excellent Service For Local Move!

5 5 1
I choose Otex Removalists based on their excellent reviews and their service was first class. Full service quote for my entire 3 bedroom detached house, which was packing, moving and unpacking of all boxes, including dismantling and reassembling most of my furniture. Amazing service, very efficient and speedy. I would most definitely recommend Otex Removalists if you want a 5 star service!

Easy and Professional Move

5 5 1
Otex Removalists relocated our household goods from Brisbane. After ascertaining how carefully they carried out the packing and moving. I can honestly say the whole proceeding was speedy and seamless. Fantastic customer service and really good value for money removals service. Highly Recommended…!

Fantastic From Start to Finish!

5 5 1
The booking was smooth, the relocation went great! The moving crew turned up on time, did a wonderful job Move, and nothing was damaged. Affordable and extremely professional from start to finish. Thanks to Otex Removalists careful staff. I cannot say enough about this moving company, we were pleasingly surprised and felt obliged to let others know.

Brilliant Job!

5 5 1
Brilliant Job! Everything went smoothly thanks to the otex team's expert and cheerful manner - they were really helpful, ensuring that it was a stress-free move. One wardrobe had to be unexpectedly dismantled but they had all the necessary tools and expertise ... they were unflappable! I strongly recommend this company.

Excellent service, Extremily efficient...!

5 5 1
We’ve had great experience in our Brisbane move with Otex Removalists; they were professional packers and movers. Customer service was remarkable too, fingers-crossed that we’ll be able to use them in the future depending on their availability of course. The move was worth every penny we spent and we shall positively recommend this removals company to anyone moving home.

Moving Stress Free

5 5 1
I was very pleased with the three man team who carried out the move. They were very courteous, extremely careful with all my items and worked throughout the extremely wet Saturday of the move. They were punctual, efficient and did everything within their capability and beyond to ensure all our belongings were safely and securely moved and delivered.

Fantastic Moving Company

5 5 1
What a fantastic moving Company. Not only are the most affordable moving company, the service is also outstanding! I honestly cannot recommend them highly enough. Both the removal men and office staff are extremely helpful. I would highly recommend…


5 5 1
Thank you so much will use Otex Removalists again!! I have just used them and they are brilliant!! Offered a wonderfully affordable quote, got everything we wanted and needed done and were so hard working. I would recommend them always!!

Highly Recommend...!!!

5 5 1
I would highly recommend Otex Removalists Brisbane. Very honest and expert staff, they turned our move into an enjoyable and exciting day. The price was reasonable and the overall experience was first class, therefore will use again.
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